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PaletteWB (palette work bench) is a color palette editor. PaletteWB allows for generating, converting, and editing color palettes (computer graphics) as used by different graphic applications (see “Convert and Export”). It is a graphical MS Windows application and comes with a database of about 700 free color palettes.

Convert and Export

Convert your palettes between:

Export your palettes as:


Colorize your images:


Generate palettes:

Generate images:


Apply filters and resorting methods

Purchase Full Version

The full version of PaletteWB costs 14.99 US$.

You can obtain a licensed copy of PaletteWB via PayPal. A window will open within which you can process your payment and download a licensed version afterwards. The current release (2.0.0) contains the full-featured, unlimited executable. We give a strong advice to save the file to a known folder.

Es erfolgt kein Ausweis der Umsatzsteuer aufgrund der Anwendung der Kleinunternehmerregelung gem. § 19 UStG.

What Will You Get?

PaletteWB distribution includes:

Download Test Version

The trial version (v2.0.0) for Windows may be used for evaluation only and is reduced in functionality as listed in the following:

platform.msi (installer).zip (portable)
Win32 Download PaletteWB Test Version 2.0.0 32bit (Microsoft installer) Download PaletteWB Test Version 2.0.0 32bit (zipped archive)
x64 Download PaletteWB Test Version 2.0.0 64bit (Microsoft installer) Download PaletteWB Test Version 2.0.0 64bit (zipped archive)


The following documentation on PaletteWB is available:

The following documentation on PaletteConverter is available:

If wished, you may as well revisit the ChangeLog the lists the changes between versions.

You may find some further pages and articles regarding color palettes in my blog:

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